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The Racial Matter and Combating Enemy Attacks

The Racial Matter and Combating Enemy Attacks

Author: HP Hooded Cobra

Greetings to all our Comrades and Family.

Now, I will start from something that has been around lately. This is in fact very, very old and it’s just another repeated trick for those who are old. Yet it confuses some members. As we all know, there is the law of action and reaction. Unless one can evade the consequences of their actions, they will be met with the reactions. For those of you who are fighting the enemy daily, making efforts to advance yourself, spreading the Truth, just know this: Do not give one single damn about any "enemy" thought. Ignore them totally. Thoughts like "I may be Jewish" that are repeatedly playing in your mind, when you know and always knew you were not, are to be laughed at. They are merely afraid of you and your attacks and they are trying to bluff you in inactivity. The parasitic greys and filths of the enemy, as we have stated, they act no different than robots. They will go round robin around what they have found to be your weakness, or they assume to be such. This is why their mental crap is repeated and robotic. In the end, they accomplish nothing at all, but it is harassment.

Sometimes you might have strange thoughts that are obviously not yours. Feeling nice and confident one day and the other feeling whack and your mind going nervous, this is the sign something has interfered. Not as in physical sensation, but as in astral sensation. It could have been your diet or some physical reason, so always check these entirely - but sometimes, this is not the case. Especially for those who are fighting for Satan. It’s some sort of crap. If they could tell you that you are a butterfly they would. Would you believe this? Obviously not.

The robotic idiot enemy may attack you. You do not have to expect it or anticipate it, or draw it upon yourself. It may happen it may do not. Good protection and daily cleaning of your chakras, ensures these will get lessened. Also, DEPROGRAM YOUR MIND BY ANY SUCH PROGRAMMINGS THAT ARE DRAWING ATTACKS TO YOU. This includes the childish "I must prove myself", or "I am badass and therefore I may get attacked", or "I deserve this because I work for Satan", or "Its normal to receive attacks" or "I do get attacked because I am too strong" or "Because I am too weak" or "Because I love candy". Whatever it is, just remove this from your mind. The less strife with this, the better. Although this is unavoidable, without setting the fires yourself so to say, it will be easier. Attacks are, but at the same time are NOT validations of what you are doing. They are, because yes they will try, but they are NOT, because you can combat them efficiently and therefore, 2-0 score against the enemy, for you and us. Most of the time we are getting attacked as a group.

The enemy is not merely sitting by to watch, as they know, they are liars, deceivers and they are nothing but an alien mafia that is trying to run the planet and enslave the Gentiles while keeping them under their spiritual control. They also do not have any "god" whatsoever. They are waging war straight up with us and on Humanity in general. The stupid guy in the clouds named "Jewsus" or "Jokehova" are nothing but maligned spiritual allegories. The bible is a book of witchcraft. Just type "Spiritual war against Demons" or "Satan" and you will see they are using these magical books and shit to attack Satanists and Satan. They attack us because we definitely exist and because Satan is a real being. They know the Gods exist and that they must do anything in their power to suppress the breakout of their work. The Demons were always our Gods and they were always our guides. Teams of the enemy are doing this every so often to attack us, in more obvious or less obvious ways. They obviously result in failure, as they are backed up only by lies, but one must be aware of what criminals they are. Nobody knows them or has seen them better than us. You cross the line of the Truth and shit their lies... Then you see the armies of the dead trying to attack you, which makes everything evident about who is the "good" guy. Satan is the Good God and the Truth.

Even their way of attacking is robotic. Bad thoughts repeating themselves in your head for instance. They attack like an algorithm. Over and over. After a while that all their attempts have failed and they have lost control over you, they will spare the time to attack newer persons. After a while they get attacked by us, they search for their pieces and then faintly might inject in your mind whatever thought, so you will spare them another defeat while you are confused. Those who are close to Satan are mostly immune from that filth. Self-knowledge also paves the way for this. The Egyptians stated to always keep the 3rd eye open and this is spiritually a fact. This is the Eye of Satan which the enemy hates more than anything else. The open 3rd eye, when empowered properly, you will be able to see, hear, know beforehand and know the source of any impending attacks. This is a serious advantage on your hands, which is self-knowledge. In the case of the above, its lack of knowledge.

Jews are of a vastly different perception than Gentiles. This might confuse you now, but what I can say, they never "wonder" if they are jews, where they are standing and that sort of thing. They know. They don't simply experiment like you do, because when one is a kike, they are a kike and this is in their blood. They can whine and cry, smile and laugh, say they 'like' Satan or whatever, but this is only for the show. They can't and are not made to be with Satan and they know it. This is all part of their act in trying to confuse anyone that they are the same as anyone else. No different than how someone knows they are human or something, jews know they are jews. They feel and are attracted totally, they feel totally comfortable and lovely with their jewish crap and programs. Maybe you never stood to think that you are human, but you take it in the given. The same goes with the jews. Their minds take it in the given that they are jews. What changes is how conscious someone is of this. You might not have THOUGHT you are human, but all along you ate, drank and lived like a human. This extends further, into everything we do. This is why, no matter if they consciously “know” it or not, they support the enemy frontiers, team up with other jews and always seek to fuck up Gentiles. Their behavior is only a result of what they are. They are total rot. Stalin and others of the jewish race, mass murderers, perverts and criminals, they all give the definite proof. Nowadays Israel stands for itself as the proof of its own parasitic existence.

Many of us are racially mixed, more or less, but this isn't in anyway tied into personal power, standing with Satan or the Gods or whatever of that nature. We say it has to be avoided so that every Race of people can ascend, build up their Soul, thus reaching their Ancestral Mission and purpose. Race mixing causes in the majority of cases mental or physical problems. These problems do not help anyone advance spiritually, or help anywhere, society or life, or the person itself. These simply help the jews in making money from sickness and in advancing a hybrid people from all races on earth, that will be genetically debilitated to the point of total servant and slave. Those of you who have studied biology, you know that all Races do posses different IQ, different testosterone levels, what have you. These are general lines and there are always exceptions. All these things tie into this. Not all people are aggressive and many out there are slaves. This involves the hormonal system, which the enemy tries to fuck up overtime.

They work to make everyone docile and slavishly obedient, as this is their slaver agenda. Listening not because of logic or because they respect, but because they are weak. They are built slaves. And nobody who is making a farm of "goyim" likes strong or rebellious "goyim" [jewish slang for beast, for us Gentiles] to be in it. The enemy profits from weakness, stupidity and disease. They are the misery of the world and the more there is, the more they can survive and thrive. They cause misery and then, they falsely act like they are the solution to it. They do the same things with cancer, disabilities, emotional problems, people that are born retarded etc. Xianity ["Christianity", crossing out the worthless "jewsus"] teaches to keep these imbeciles around, which helps the jews in gaining more and more money and also causing whole families and lots to suffer and disappear forever. People that could otherwise have healthy children, they are bound with retarded children that drain away and destroy their lives. The meaning of having progeny in itself is fucked over. The jews benefit and rule through problems, lack of knowledge, stupidity and the cowardice of people.

We adhere by what is natural. The enemy wants to racially mix everyone to dump them into the same level of being, consciousness and ability. As one goes spiritually, they will understand that who they are is not merely eye color, hair color and butt size. Its more than this. The awareness that all that has two legs, two hands and a head is a human being, is a lie. We are all different and we are racially separated by nature. This is not bad or evil. This is beautiful. If only one type of flowers existed then it would suck. On a much more higher and exalted level, the same applies. The universe is not beautiful because everything is the same clump of shit, but because of the diversity. The meaning of life is diversity. Racial mixing destroys diversity in the long run. As Races go and they advance, the universal pattern upon which they are created, or let’s say, their purpose, unveils. We advance and more ahead like the cosmos itself. Nature intends it that way. You can see this everywhere in nature where ecosystems balance themselves. There is order in the cosmos. When this order is followed, there is happiness, especially where it involves sentient beings.

There are many Races and Subraces of the planet who are given special abilities from their Ancestors. Arabs, Celts, Tibetans, Egyptians, Norse, what have you. There are prominent people in all Races, as this is evident and also, there are always exceptions. The "general given" doesn't apply to anyone. There are geniuses and exceptions to every Race. These people exist to advance the lot of people and help others survive efficiently and so forth. One can't be sitting all day like a slob, doing nothing and then one morning, boom, they are genius. Everything, no matter how "gifted" someone is or isn't, comes with work. To think otherwise is to bullshit yourself. With meditations and all these things you posses, and with the help of the Gods, you can reach anywhere and unveil your inner talents, innate talents and beauty. The Soul comes first. In other words, the purest and best person in the planet, if they sit all day, do 24/7 bong, search for nothing and they are fucking cowards, nobody cares about them. They can be whatever they want, but they do not care.

For those of you that are mixed… STOP WORRYING NEEDLESSLY AND COMPLAINING. The enemy tries to get to everyone that for different reasons, they somehow cannot ascend or cannot gain powers and advance. This is untrue. Those of you who are mixed, as you are meditating, things will sort out and you will start being aware of who you are and where you want to gravitate racially wise. For those who are not, they are to stay in their Racial groups. I know in the 21st century things that have always been beautiful, such as TRUE racial diversity and preserving your beautiful cultures, your Spirituality and notion of the Gods, might strike some hard to understand. I understand this as the mental bombarding of the jews in Hollywood, jewtube, advertisements, philosophy, religions and schools things like this might sound strange for some.

Egoistical problems, feeling subservient, weak, stupid, whatever have you, the "Race" is not a base to solve these problems and insecurities. Everyone wants to run around claiming they are the best Race. They are trying to mimic the kikes who day and night, in the religion they have projected to their slaves [christianity and pisslam] they are somehow they chosen of "God" and that sort of thing. This is the most false way to approach this matter. It’s the same exact opposite of what we are teaching you here. They claim they are the descendants of this and that, them and those. The thing is, you are what you are. You can stuff your big ego or undermine your ego under the belt by stupid thoughts, but reality is as it is. These are merely personal issues trying to find justifications through the ways the kikes justify it themselves. Be proud of your Race, consider yourself the best, love yourself and your people. This is the recipe. It’s not the jewish version of "racism" where most idiots fall for. The jews have always been the worst of all Races…


Cunning, evil, reptilian fools who have been alien to us, have invented "religious warfare". For almost all Gentile cultures, the Gods are described as our Gods. They all have the same message and same allegories behind their religious worship, with Satan being the Leader of the Pantheons and the most blatant example, under the Names Enki, Shiva and so forth. The jews are alien to all these and like a virus, they have to find ways to adapt. They have this complex wanting to prove they are the best and the owners of the Earth and the universe even, while they are the worst and alien to everything. You are feeling subservient not because of what we teach in the Joy of Satan, but because you never quite understood it. Always in your mind has been that the "Master Race" is somehow going to kill you, or wage some sort of war, or some holohoax stories about concentration camps. Well, that is the jewish master race, as they say they are. They have dropped the term over to Whites, as because they want to kill Whites now, after they are done in the Middle East. Then others will have their turn in the jewish murder machine.

They have proclaimed themselves that sort of thing and they have decimated peoples like the millions upon millions Philistines, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Middle Easterns, Iraqi, Chinese, many Whites such as Ancient Greeks and so forth who have been murdered by the jews. Now as you read this, Palestinian children and Middle Easterns are being butchered. Whites are attacked under the jewish immigration “policies”. Poor Africa is being plundered and people are worked to death for shekels so the kikes can live in mansions, Communist China is crumbling and the people are working enslaved into this Jewish Machine, which makes the jews and their corps profit. Southern Korea lives in a Jewish Communist dictatorship, America is being destroyed from within with Jewbama creating false shootings and wanting to impose military law, Russia is being ruled by a Monarch crypto-jew, Greece is getting plundered by the jewish Banksters.

And you question yourself what they are going to do if we let them?
And you question who the real “Racist” is and who the inventor of such false notion of “racism”?
And who will decimate everyone as they see fit?

Just look around you. Open a fucking bible, or the Black Book of Communism. OR else stay blind and keep lying to yourself that all is good. Cry 6 million tears at night and nail yourself upon the sorry cross. Go by what you learned by the dozens of idiots who know nothing and never even bothered to think or study. In the end share their fate and condemn everyone else to the result of your own stupidity. Write the same in the book of the fate of the world like them. Never in history any Race but the jewish one has been more predatory than them and nobody has ever undone more other "tribes" and peoples.

How much "Diversity" will exist if people keep race mixing, let’s say for 2000 years? None. All that there will be will be a perfect, entirely genetically destroyed idiot, who will reap and sow the Earth (if anything has remained of it) so the kikes will eat their dung and stand like an effendi. That’s all there will be if the enemy gets their way. Leftists, liberals and other fools claim about Travelling, Diversity and that sort of thing. Diversity exists so long Races exist. As these exist, they all create different and beautiful cultures, foods, what have you. The reason you want to travel the world is because there are many different things that are creations of different peoples and Races for you to see. You want to see what others have materialized from within themselves. I want to be able to see these beautiful Hindu Monasteries, these grand Shaolin temples, these beautiful Greek Monuments, or these Ziggurats, or these Pyramids. I want to be able to see the difference and exaltation of beauty and diversity. The different approaches of Spirituality, the different and eternal pathways every member of every Race and all the Races together can take. I want a world where there are beautiful people of all Races, having friendly relations and they are helping each other reach their divine Spiritual purpose as much as it can happen.

To the enemy all this means nothing. They just want a senseless clump living in its own shit, so it can serve these alien cockroaches, in a physical world of technological slavery which they will have enforced upon the pig man that they will have bred.

We Gentiles are of the same seed of Satan and therefore, we are all inheritors of this Earth. The jews are alien and predatory. For them, all terms that are sane and beautiful to us, are insane and ugly to them. The term "Race" for us means mutual respect, understanding and eternal mission in accordance to the Eternal Wheel of the Cosmos. To the kikes, Race means "my racial reptilian mafia, with which I must undo all others because I am a fucking reptilian alien". This is what most people react to when they hear the term "Race". They think about the Whites, Blacks or someone else. This is a lie. They react to the propaganda that the enemy has infested their brains with. This is not only far from the Truth, this is the opposite of it. This is how the enemy as they are alien to us, have always thought. This is not "Race" or "Racialism" In anyway. This is just jews jewing.

Neither is the Racial Law (that by the way, all sentient beings in the universe follow except stupid Earth Humanity, even its enemies) something to frown upon. It’s something to cherish for. We are all in the wheel of Dharma, as Gentile Comrades, against anything evil that is to plague us, separated, beautiful and supportive of one another, with respect of everyone’s diversity. That you will see yourself and advance humanity in your racial offspring, this is to be cherished. That your eyes will be looking inside the eyes of your children and you will see yourself, this is a blessing.

Now for many here life is settled, as in, people might have adopted kids from other Races, people who are adopted, they might have had children with people of other Races and that sort of thing. This is understandable and nobody is asked to blow their lives up. Upholding the Truth though is important, as for those who want to accept some laws. Understanding the higher Truth and melting in it, this is the highest thing you can do for yourself. Humans, unless we are elevated, at the level the enemy has created, we are nothing. We come and go like dust. What remains is the Soul, the Race, the imprint we leave on the planet and the cause of the Gods, the legacy, like the ones left to us by our Ancestors through which we can even work spiritually. This is their greatness. Open your eyes to the Truth.

The Ancients mention in all their cultures that at the time of the Age of Darkness, the Attas of Light, Gods and Men will unite and fight the forces of evil and darkness / spiritual degradation. This is where we must totally unite, totally diverse from each other but with the strongest of bonds, as this is our strength, under our COMMON Gods, our COMMON Banner, our COMMON Leader and Father, Satan and destroy totally our COMMON enemy, the filthy judes. With our COMMON effort, with a COMMON crushing and deadly blow!!!



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Who Is Responsible Really...

Who Is Responsible Really...

Author: HP Hooded Cobra

In this world many people are fooled by the lie of democracy that people actually have "Free Will" and that they also "DECIDE" anything on a higher level. This is based on the pretext of the fact that they vote. Maybe in some cases it does matter, but in most matters, it matters not one inch.

Now there are people who are harsh judges to others, and especially if you are a bit misanthropic as a personality (When you see the swine level of humans I can't really blame you...) you may actually want them to burn themselves alive. I myself have frequent worry coupled with rage over the fact of how stupid humanity has become. We are literally risking our own extinction. However, who is this "WE"?

If you go a few decades back, you will see that most people, in most places of the world, hardly knew how to type down their own name. This is a fact. In most historical instances, the people only decide indirectly, and that is done through leaders they elect, support, or other things like that. This is a natural thing, as in a hall, there can't be talking 15000 people at the same time, but only few people so that the things are understood correctly.

To not over-extend the matter, in most cases, humans have never been asked, in any country or state, what do they want. The enemy who rules the system we are living right now, they give the illusion of asking through elections. People actually go and elect people, based on propaganda, advertising, and their own moral standards. It's rare that actually people know what is really going on.

In the past, illiteracy and other things kept people from deciding, but as we can see today, the very 'literate' can also be equally as dumb if not more, as the (((Intelligence))) can make one lose one's sanity quite easily.

If we go generations back however, people had hardly any access to knowledge, let alone any 'power' to decide events. Power was only in the hands of the rich, jewish religious charlatans, or the politicians pretty much. Oh and of course Rabbis and other such people as we know, but who cares right?

When one rises in spiritual power and understanding, one of the reason you can easily become a misanthrope and completely give up on humanity is the fact that people are acting and living like swine. Overly convinced about all the lies they have been told, others afraid, and other worthless, they let the impending (((powers))) that be, destroy the planet, and do whatever they see fit. One cannot take this responsibility away from them. They are bound by ignorance, fear, and many other things.

Unfortunately not many people are willing to take a stand, and what the enemy has achieved is to create an internal jewish police in people that tells them what they can do, cannot do, and what they better be doing. This is motivated by lack of knowledge, or fear. For those who are more 'dangerous' and aren't concerned in any of the above, there are other offers, such as, hey homie, be a useless individual bro - and achieve nothing in your existence but waste it doing YOLO. This is how it is today, but this has been analogous in previous centuries as well.

Aside from the East and in place like China, Spiritual power was an unknown term. Yoga and Meditation knowledge, after all the Pagans have been killed, and except of few people going undercover, has been hidden from roughly 99% of the populace in the West. This was done by jews who have purposefully killed these people through their programs. In short, nobody had any spiritual power, let alone anything else. How can people actually make 'choices' when they don't even know how to write their own name down?

Maybe in the three latest centuries, people actually have had more of a will and a chance. What Satan told me at some point was that many people when they died, they went to them, and they were totally oblivious, they had no idea where they were, who the Gods were, or what was going on in reality at all. In some cases they were informed, and the people frequently replied that they had no clue as there was nothing remotely that could give them opportunity to see what is going on.

People reincarnate, and people forget. Therefore such experience is most of the time forgotten, and may, in weak and souls who have no past lives with the Gods, just become liquidated into nothingness. Therefore people return and lives are wasted again, and again.

Satan and the Gods have worked and now the knowledge is on the public. Now if one wants to meditate, 'save their soul', advance spiritually, or understand and know things about the Gods, they can. I have lost track on how many values have been written. Additionally, if one wants to fight and wants to change things through spiritual power and effort with us here, they also can. People in the past more than likely could NOT.

In other words, Satan gives power to the common man to prove himself for whatever he is to be. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. Now the system worldwide is pretty rigged, and in many cases the (((Plutocracy))) just reforms itself over and over again. Same jews just different age, for example.

It's from now on that we should be asking responsibility from the "goyim". Maybe many of them have had the benefit of ignorance, but right now, where in google one can make a search and in five minutes come to find a lot of things. It only boils down to fear, boredom, stupidity, being a willing cattle etc, and being a worthless entity, pretty much.

There are always and forever the blockheads and the idiots who do not understand the importance of this undertaking, or constantly fall victim to stupid energies such as 'not giving a damn'. The enemy knows really well how to 'use' this. Essentially they are not lazy as their suffering takes too much ignorance, and they wilfully force themselves so much just to be ignorant.

It's a law of the universe however that the universe will beat the hell out of these people, until they wake up, as ignorance is not in favor of life. Most people are living an entirely whack existence, and they desire to not wake up, for example.

Experience with many of our members who are VIPS or are older, shows for a fact that TRUTH IS A CHOICE. These people have lived their whole lives under the radar, but never gave up. I know a person in their 70's who dedicated, and the last months of their life meditated and tried to become better about their life. Therefore, what excuses does anyone else have to do nothing?

I have seen many cases of different people over the years. Now this guy had over 5 hours a day looking for his dealer in the streets to find some weed, as weed was very scarce to his location where he was living. It was nevertheless extremely hard for them to find weed, but they were searching for it everywhere.

Everyday from the stories I heard, he was risking his life by dealing and all sorts of other things. By coincidence, he has found the JoS, was even dedicated for a while. Dabbling on IF they should finally "grace" their crappy self meditating, LOL. But you know, ten minutes a day are too much to do any spiritual pursuit. They were rather busy pursuing their drug dealer around, which must have been jewish as well. Who knows in what scat they are swimming today. He infrequently risked going to jail and all sorts of other things.

I am wondering, if he spent these 5 hours a day doing research, meditation, growing wealth, or build their body in their gym, where they would be now? They chose to just chase a kike around to give them their next shot. Who knows if they are dead in an alley today?

I happen to know another case who was living with other people and did yoga in a dirty bathroom. Because this is how much they wanted and desired to better their condition. Now who do you think the Gods are going to help in their time of need?

The Gods don't ask you to give everything you have. They ask you to give to YOURSELF, what you can.

You will get what you're after, you know? Even if you don't define it, you're still after something. If you're after nothing, you will get nothing.

I tell you one thing, if you are sitting on this spiritual mine-gold and do nothing, but just waste your existence, don't go back and beg the Gods for 'Forgiveness' all the time. You're only betraying yourself, and this is not some sexy masochism that turns you on, for the sadistic high of sex or something. It's something really ugly, and costly, that is no fun.

Because you will have ruined yourself, by yourself, all for yourself. And you must pay this burden yourself. Many people sacrifice their existence over the movie that is called life, to try to be the best actor, but few people have wisdom to understand that in order to be a good 'actor' in this movie of goyim, one has also to rehearse - this is meditation in a stupid explained sense.

Giving up on spirituality is essentially the same as giving up food. It's just not intelligent to give up your food, ESPECIALLY to all people here who spiritually, have a FULL FRIDGE NOW AND FOR ALL TIME! If you die from 'hunger', then don't blame the Gods or anyone. You were too busy plugged in the jewtrix to give 10 or 15 minutes a day to feed your soul with the necessary things to exist, thrive and grow?

Then maybe you should die off shouldn't you...

Sorry buddy: the Gods aren't going to concern themselves with that. We have many people who are STARVING to understand out there and we must reach them. Many people are in danger, need help, and the Gods also have a planet to run. They have plenty of time for thirstiness of wisdom, but for people like that, they can't have time....

Robbed, killed, scammed, spat upon by the jews, they insist on following their fictitious programs, fighting the people who make a stand, and pose an obstacle for any betterment that is to come upon humanity. This also includes many people who are prominent, rich, or live life for fun, and their only concern is to choose sunglasses, cars, or houses.

Both the poor and the rich goyim, still remains a goyim if they do not understand the significance of doing at least the LEAST necessary for one's spiritual existence. "Death" is called the great awakener, for when one suddenly leaves all things behind, they are left only with one thing they could and should be, at least, giving SOME NECESSARY ATTENTION: the Soul.

It's the only thing in the universe that really belongs to you and only you, and nobody can take it from 'you'. All of us know at least one of these idiots. Fate, and unfortunately the enemy too, keep beating them. Many will never wake up, and will put themselves to sleep by their own admission and stupidity.

One last thing, the generations that are coming now for the last three decades in the planet, they were very entitled, maybe even sheltered, and had many things easily that others did not. One example is how many people due to the jewish system do not meditate. Those who concern themselves only with living life as "YOLO" and don't do one thing to better themselves, are deplorable to say the least, and nobody, especially here, will accept tales of failure or other things.

You have knowledge that people haven't had in aeons, there is knowledge everywhere, the last thing that remains is for you to make a decision if you are going to be a slave or cattle. I suppose the striking majority here has made our choice to be free. For those still dabbling on the fence, or going back and forth between Goyim and Free Man, you have to give one final blow to this Goyim, because it's responsible for all wrongdoing and all bad things humanity has done not only to itself, and to one another, but the general condition of the planet, too.

Goyim can go find their master, and beg for transient loot and whatever crap their masters projected to them.

Satan wants an army only of free men, those who always strive to understand and become more, as the Gods.

czwartek, 16 listopada 2017

The parasite throughout centuries and nations

The parasite throughout centuries and nations

 Author: HP Maxine Dietrich

No other race has caused the world the heinous problems the Jews have and this is nothing new. It goes back centuries.

In ancient times, the Phoenicians, the Philistines, the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Romans and many more had incessant and major problems with the Jews.

This never stopped. Ever heard the word "pogrom"? When the Gentile populace is at their wits end and completely exasperated, their children abducted, tortured to death and used for blood sacrifices by these kosher monsters, when the populace is so up to their ears in debt, being poisoned, and having their health ruined by Jewish doctors, then in many placed, pogroms ensued.

A pogrom is a mass attack and killing of Jews. This is not few and far in between or a few isolated incidents. It is frequent and has been ongoing through centuries.

Jew is a Jew is a Jew… First and foremost, always. Ancient nations tried, but failed to assimilate them, same with the Ancient Romans, with numerous European countries, medieval times, all over the world.

They are parasites and cannot survive without a Gentile host. This is at the soul. They ruin the economy, get the entire nation in debt to them, marry into notable and Gentile families, such as kings, and others with wealth and influence (the biblical book of Esther is a subliminal for this), they take control of everything, take it over and then rule over the nations they infest; an invisible empire.

In spite of being forcibly segregated, such as in ghettos (this is where the word originated), they do not keep to themselves or leave the Gentile populace alone. Continuously throughout history, all over the world, they have been a most serious problem.

The Jewish alien soul does not, nor will ever become a member of any Gentile nation. Wherever they infest, they remain Jews. People need to wake up. They are an alien race and an alien soul (from out there).

For those of you who are forced to go to church, have the vicious alien lie of Christianity jammed down your throat and have lingering hang-ups, you have the Jews to thank for this. They invented the bible, Christianity and Islam. These three are responsible for all of the evils in the world.

No other people in this planet has even compared to anything like what the Jews are. They are alien.

When Western Europe expelled them (the Jews have a very long history of being expelled from nearly every country except for the USA. This, like pogroms has been going on for centuries. The populace reaches a limit to where Jews can be tolerated no more), Europe entered the Renaissance.

Jewish authors always try to extol their own, bragging about the scientific discoveries and such from Jewish doctors, scientists, etc, but truth be known, if Gentile nations were not infested with the Jews and their nefarious influences, Gentiles would not only have discovered these and much more, centuries ago, but science would be light years ahead. Rome, if left alone and not brought down by the poison of Jewish Christianity, would have eventually put a man on the moon.

The Jews headed east to Poland and Russia and in that area, only to destroy these countries with Communism later on. Jewish communism (which has its foundation in Christianity), has been responsible for the mass murder, torture and destruction of over 100+ million people. Where the inquisition left off. The Jew infested Catholic Church was the KGB of the Middle Ages. This vile institution of Jewish rot also is responsible for murdering and torturing millions of innocent people.

Jews also have a history of persecuting and preying upon each other. They only really come together when there is some outer threat.

I also want to add, HP Hooded Cobra, received a nasty letter he shared with other ministry members that was from a Jew, claiming to be a "Theistic Satanist." This was very revealing in that this Jew, like all of them identifies with their Jewishness first and foremost, even while claiming to be a Satanist. The Jewishness is always of the most importance with both their agenda and identity. Anything else comes behind that.

They are not, and cannot assimilated, no different from cancer cells. This same old shit has been repeating itself for over 3,000+ years.

This history is not taught in the schools. Gentile humanity has been extremely stupid in the way of repeatedly trying the same old attempted solutions (which are nothing but endless and abysmal failures) in trying to deal with them.

The Gentile world needs to wake up.

The jewish kabbalah, pt.1

The jewish kabbalah

Author: HP Maxine Dietrich

Whenever the Jews infest a country, they take control of the government, the legal systems, the educational institutions, and especially what is taught and the text books, the media, the medical and all important key positions.

What is and has been much more important than all of this is RELIGION. The spiritual beliefs and practices of the Gentiles of whatever region the Jews infest. Spiritual knowledge is removed and spiritual leaders, such as the Pagan Priesthood were attacked, tortured, and mass murdered. Given the sly and clever Jews who are the masterminds, given exploitation and manipulation, they used the Christians and Muslims to carry out their agenda of mass murder of Pagans and the destruction of Pagan libraries, temples, and artifacts. By hijacking all of the spiritual knowledge and removing it from the populace, the Jews have had much control over the world for centuries. When the populace has no knowledge of the spiritual / occult and no individual spiritual powers, they can be manipulated as whoever has this knowledge sees fit.

I also want to add here, the Jews being the parasitic race that they are, have viciously used, and exploited their own, both for power and profit. There are many Jews, especially at the lower levels who believe the same bunk that the Christians do, such as YHVH is an actual being and other total nonsense. 

The Jews have rewritten history and have assumed the position of God. I've written many, many articles concerning this. Now, we can take a closer look at how this is done. Their “Kabbalah” is where plenty is revealed. But, one must be highly knowledgeable concerning the Jews, Hebrew, the occult, the powers of the mind and soul, known as “witchcraft” and also have practical experience in these such as success in making spiritual workings manifest in the material world, and also extremely important… with meditation.

In order to understand the Jewish Kabbalah, one must know certain keywords and code words.

For example [I know I’ve mentioned this before], the word “God” or as the Jews write “G-d” is a CODE WORD for

  1. The self
  2. The chakras
  3. The “force” that permeates everything in the universe.

Number 3, the force that permeates everything in the universe reveals why it is stated that “God” is omnipresent, omnipotent and in everything. Now, this “force” is what we use in our workings. The ENERGY we raise to accomplish our goals and so forth. It is present in everything in the universe and can be harnessed by those of us who know how to use it.

As a matter of fact, HP Hooded Cobra 666 stated how in other worlds where intelligent life exists, and where superior life exists in the case of our Gods, ENERGY is the currency used, NOT money. Whoever has the most power has more energy.

I also want to add that the Jews claim that the vowels of a word are the soul of that word. The vowels are what give a word power. This is why they omit the vowels from their written Hebrew.

Given the prolific liars that they are, Jewish authors of books about the Kabbalah conflict in their writings.

The Jewish Kabbalah, like the Talmud is a commentary on their Torah. The Jews at the top know YHVH is not a real being, but is in truth code words for the self, the chakras, and the force. For centuries, they kept this knowledge hidden, while using Christians and Muslims to destroy Gentiles who had this knowledge. Now, with the modern times and easily available information in many Western countries on the occult, the workings of the mind and soul and such, Gentiles are again regaining some lost spiritual knowledge. The Jews also work to take control of and hijack this as well. They have really infested this area. People are geared to using Hebrew letters, their ugly rotten human hating asshole angels, and other Jewish filth along with the mind manipulation such as the “three-fold” crap. As I already wrote in the above, they infest and take control of the most important key areas and then work them towards their agenda to enslave humanity. “Magick” and mysticism is where they push their Kabbalah on the populace in modern times. It’s all over the place. This is how they take control. Occult groups like “Golden Dawn” and others, use the Hebrew crap prolifically.

Getting back to their Kabbalah. Over the centuries, the rabbis had secret doctrines concerning using the workings of the mind and also there is a lot revealing how that bible is used for their own profit and advancement.

Now, this is blatant… “God” created the heavens and the earth in 7 days. God said “Let there be light.” “In the beginning was the word.” The latter was stolen from the Egyptian God Thoth.

Ok. Now for everyone here who is familiar with witchcraft and the workings of the mind and soul, this translates into:

“God” meaning YOU [the self], created [brought a working of the mind into material reality] using the 7 chakras.

“God” said “Let there be light.” The light is the universal force that is energy and is used to create. Colors are of the light spectrum and apply here as well.

“In the beginning was the word,” means through mantra, affirmations, vibration; this added to a working amplifies it and brings it to manifest in the material world.

The Jews at the top know YHVH isn’t real. It is a word of power for them and I also seriously question whether this YHVH is even the correct one. They lie and hide things. Even though, it channels energy to them through the belief of those who are deluded, as it creates the necessary subliminal tie in.

The Hebrew letter, the first letter of their aleph bet, Aleph [I also want to add that the entire Hebrew aleph bet has been infused with power. This is another reason the bible has the influence it does, people are under a powerful spell, regardless of whatever language their local bible might be in, the Hebrew original holds the power. For those of you who are new, I had to learn Hebrew thoroughly in order to write the RTRs, so I am knowledgeable in it. Aleph is silent. This translates into the void. It also translates into “in the beginning…” Before one begins a working, there is nothing. Then “God” creates…All of this, highly secret teachings. “Torat HaSod, Sitrei Torah, Razei Torah… Kabbalah is the “secret Torah.”

In earlier times, the study of the Kabbalah was restricted to male Jews over the age of 40. The reason for this, was it was a highly kept secret and given a Jew has been dedicated to Judaism for that length of time, he could be usually trusted to learn their secrets. Given the Jews are an alien race and an alien soul, applying stolen knowledge and practices [much that they had corrupted], this resulted in certain mishaps such as insanity, psychological imbalances and other “dangers” many encountered in applying the practices outlined in their Kabbalistic texts.

The Jews also state that the Torah; “Torah K’dumah” “preceded all creation. The Jews created the Torah. They state that each letter of the Torah is infused with light, meaning that each letter is empowered. This is no working of any “God” like too many are deluded into believing regarding that bible. It was all done by human beings who had esoteric knowledge. In addition by “preceding all creation” this reveals how the Jews use this crap as the foundation of their workings. In other words, like with the article I wrote regarding the 9-11; along with many others, there are certain verses for this in their Torah that they use to bring about certain events in the material world, curse their enemies with, and so forth. This is why we are fighting back with the Reverse Torah Rituals.

Everything is a subliminal tie-in with their crap, such as the 5 books of Moses; the Torah…this ties into the five elements of the human soul. Also, books such as Deuteronomy and Leviticus are repeatedly chock full of specific instructions for living blood sacrifices, even HUMAN. In addition to the blatant references regarding living blood sacrifices [which parasitical entities need in order to thrive], the mass murders committed by the wandering Hebrew tribes attacking Gentile Nations with the help of their “g-d” [which the Torah aka the Old Testament is filled with], these mass murders were also living blood sacrifices en masse.

The knowledgeable Jews have always known, as they stole from the Pagans, how language and words are the foundation of spiritual workings.

I remember reading some time ago, a Hindu [Gentile] lecturer was harassed by a member in the audience he was addressing. The heckler scoffed openly at the Hindu lecturer’s claims concerning words having any power. The Hindu lecturer promptly called the heckler a mutherfucking son of a bitch in front of everyone. The heckler went crazy with insult and rage. The Hindu replied- “now, tell me words don’t have any power…”

The Kabbalistic Jews meditate on the Hebrew letters of their Torah, which they regarded as particularly potent. As I mentioned before, each of these has been infused with power, not only deliberately from the Jews, but also from the Christian and Muslim programs. It is a sad fact that this bullshit has infested certain sects of Satanism. This has rotted Satanism out from the inside. Certain sects allow Jews, the Jews bring their crap with them, like Rothschild did when admitted to Freemasonry and before you know it, Satan is relegated to only an “archetype,” and everything is geared towards the Jewish agenda.

According to 12th century Kabbalist Yitzkhak Sagi Nahor of Provence , The written Torah is the “White fire” and the oral Torah is the “Black fire.” This “Black Flame” being the reciting of Hebrew words of power, like a mantra. Straight out of the fucking Torah.

In order for this spell to continue and thrive, there must be illiteracy and mass dumbing down.

Given the extent of this information, I am ending the first part here. I will be writing more on this in separate parts.